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Pneumatic Selfeeder

A compact, light-weight, economical drilling units that features a small body diameter, high torque with a durable air motor built-in. Drilling and feed motions are pneumatically operated for safe use in an environment where no electricity is available. These units can be installed close to one another in any direction.
1. Maximum capacity drill size will vary depending on input operating air pressure. Operating air pressure: 0.5MPa.
2. In most cases of small hole drilling (dia. 1 mm or less) except plastic, the spindle speed of 7000 rpm or less are generally recommended.
3. The cutting feed is regulated by Hydro-speed regulator. There are more types of regulators available upon request.
4. Model selection should be done from the above chart, based on workpiece specifications, material hardness, diameter of hole and cutting speed.
5. To achieve a maximum power, it is necessary to progress forward 7 mm or more for the spindle.
6. When the hardness of the cemented carbide drill and tool shank is higher than that of a high speed steels, please contact our local distributor or subsidiary for detailed specifications.

Dimensions SFB

Dimensions SFC

Operate-Signal Kits

Pressing the start button will start three Selfeeders simultaneously. Pressing the emergency return button during the drill operation will return all three Selfeeders to their original positions at the same time and stop rotation. The size of the valve varies depending on the number and the models of the Selfeeders operating simultaneously.

Air Pressure Control Circuits

(Simultaneous start-up and simultaneous emergency return by remote operation.)

The operate-signal kit (OSK) is a means to supply specific drill movement location such as home or maximum depth location signals via a micro switch or pneumatic valve. The output signal is used to trigger an external operation and coordinate sequencing with other associated devices (PLC, index table or automatic clamping unit). Adjustable signal trip dogs are provided for detecting precise motion location of the Selfeeder pneumatic.

Flex stands

We produce a comprehensive range of stands, clamps and positioning clamps to the all drilling and tapping models. Every customer can choose the best solution for his specific requirement from a wide range of options. All our stands and clamps can be combined to each other and were designed to have adequate rigidity.

Level Clamp

Pitch adjustable 2-spindle drilling heads

Note: Values in the brackets show for dimensions of 2DC type.
Note: Values in the brackets show for dimensions of 2DC type.

Pitch adjustable 2-spindle drilling heads

2-spindle drilling heads - Fixed spindle type

Offset fixed type heads

Note: Values in the brackets show for dimensions of ODC type.
Note: Values in the brackets show for dimensions of ODC type.

Offset fixed type

Note: In case of mounting an offset drill head, the maximum drilling capacity varies depending on the applicable Selfeeder. Refer to capacity of drilling above.

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