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Automated Drilling Units - REVO Series

Drilling unit Selfeeder REVO is a new model line with perfect price-performance ratio. The spindle speed is driven by three-phase asynchronous motor and spindle stroke is driven by compressed air. A unit was designed for optimized performance and sufficient torque to the ratio of low price of these units. Sugino offers 3 models SRV2, SRV3 and SRV5 where each of them offers a several power embodiments according to spindle speed and max. drilling capacity. Technical description of each models can be found in the product catalogue.

Drilling capacity

1. Model selection should be done from the above chart, based on workpiece specifications, material hardness, diameter of hole and cutting speed.
2. The Drilling capacity shown above is a depth equivalent to the drill diameter times two.
3. The cutting feed is regulated by Hydro-speed regulator. There are more types of regulators available upon request.
4. Voltage and frequency of the motor is 380 V / 50 Hz is as standard.
5. Spindle types available:
- JT spindle type with drill chuck,
- collet spindle type ER8 / ER20 / ER25,
- adjustable spindle noses
6. AL: Aluminum, FC: Cast iron, ST: Carbon steel, Wt: Weight


Air pressure control circuits and Operate-signal kits

1. Selfeeder revo requires filtered air with 0.4 MPa - 0.6 MPa.
2. It is required 5 port 2 position solenoid valve.
3. Selfeeder revo has got same dimensions of air cylinder for forward and return movement. Be sure to use the meter-in flow control valve.

Flex stands and Level Clamp for Selfeeder REVO

We produce a comprehensive range of stands, clamps and positioning clamps to the all drilling and tapping models. Every customer can choose the best solution for his specific requirement from a wide range of options. All our stands and clamps can be combined to each other and were designed to have adequate rigidity.

Level Clamp

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