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Electric drilling units STX3 series

Compact, economical and rigid units suitable for boring process.

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1. Model selection should be done from the above chart, based ono workpiece specifications, diameter of hole and cutting speed.
2. Motor output is 2.2kW, 2 Poles or 1.1kW, 6 Poles. Optional motor is available to reduce energy consumption.
3. “H” stands for HSK spindle. “B” or “C” is applied at the end of the model when BT30 or ER25 is required.
4. “22” and “11” represent 2.2kW and 1.1kW. This can be substituted by other motor output. For example 07 represents 0.75kW.
5. “2” and “6” represent 2 poles and 6 poles. Please distinguish models with same motor power.
6. When ordering, please indicate the required motor voltage and frequency.
7. The dimensional drawing below is for the standard HSK50 spindle.
8. When variable speed rotation (12000 – 15000 rpm) motor is selected, “P” is added at the end of a model.

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